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About The Magazine

Up2Me Magazine™ is a premier inspirational magazine to empower individuals seeking to awaken, define, focus and/or refocus their journey towards living a life in purpose.

A Message from our Editor- In- Chief, Jennifer Jiles

Up2Me Magazine™ was created to share the journeys people have taken to find their purpose and live in it.  We chose to focus on the journey not just the purpose because the road we take to get to our purpose is often fraught with challenges, triumphs, tragedies, heartache,and joy.  No matter what road our lives may travel, the lessons that we learn from our journey and those we learn from the journey of others, strengthen us, inspire us, and often, change us.  We want this magazine to help invoke change in your life, while propelling you towards taking action.  We focus on people who experienced an awakening that changed them and led them to find their true purpose.  As their awakening focused or refocused them they found more meaning in their work and in many cases, a different meaning in their lives.

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Up2Me Magazine™ Writers & Contributors

  • Belinda Baker
    Belinda Baker
  • Maura Gale
    Maura Gale
  • Deborah Kirkland Geter
    Deborah Kirkland Geter
  • Reggie Hammond
    Reggie Hammond
  • Deborah Hightower
    Deborah Hightower
  • Althea DeBarr-Johnson
    Althea DeBarr-Johnson
  • Justin Kennedy
    Justin Kennedy
  • Audrey LeGrand
    Audrey LeGrand
  • Stephanie Payne
    Stephanie Payne
  • John Riley
    John Riley
  • Beth Sims
    Beth Sims
Belinda Baker
Belinda Baker